The word of Dr. Assem Abolmaaty

The director of TICO

The education and scientific research are considered as the driving forces for development in societies for their distinct outcomes of technology and innovations upon which the nations rise, the peoples live up, and new cultures arise. The recent history is an evident on this, as the developed countries hadn't risen up unless directing the investment towards technology and the applicable innovations which share by an active role in the continuous development and solving the problems of the economical and the industrial sectors and its development by the way which returns the benefits on our country, and this is within the framework of the common policies of the country for the necessity of supporting, adopting, and making the greatest use of researchers and finding a creative tool for exploiting the available technology which should widely help in the development of society, and this is by communicating the university community by the society and industry and working on transforming this technology into developmental projects. The system of supporting innovations and technology commercialization is considered from the main pillars upon which the strong economy in the developed countries is built. This system needs many branches to work together as: funding grants & innovations, intellectual property, technology commercialization and international cooperation.

The international cooperation is considered one of the most important cultural and knowledge measurable upon which nations development are evaluated, as it is regarded as one of the most important strategic aims and an important & actual tool for development and this is to catch up the culture vehicle and for advancing the education and the scientific research organization. And by having faith in the importance of accomplishing the leadership in the field of international cooperation in scientific, research & cultural fields with the international universities from the university leaders, the establishment of the international cooperation was launched in the first of April 2013, and in the nineteenth of August a decree had been issued from the university president to change the name of the office to be "International collaboration and technology transfer and innovation" and this was after getting a grant from the scientific research and technology academy to localize the offices of technology and innovation transfer and commercialization at Ain Shams University.

And for this, TICO offices aim to develop the knowledge and cultural relations with different countries and also transferring and commercializing the technology through connecting researchers with businessmen private sector.

May ALLAH grant us success to be devoted and determined towards productive and fruitful work which would definitely elevate and lift up our dear university and beloved country.