Technology Innovative Support Centre (TISC) Duties

Intellectual Property enables people to earn recognition for their inventions or creations and guarantee the non infringement to their rights by others.


TISC duties:

o    Protects researchers’ rights.

o    Protects university’s financial and scientific rights.

o    Protects human inventions.

o    Facilitates the registration process for intellectual property in any field.

o    Hold workshops for researchers to shed light over intellectual property importance.

o    Obtaining a documented certificate for proven and tested researches.

o    Communicating with researchers to identify the hurdles they face.

o    Hold awareness sessions to researchers, with the university’s rights in recognition.

o    TISC act as intermediate between the University and researchers to protect rights of both parties. A contract is signed between the two parties, verifying the rights of researcher in registering his project and the university right for recognition due to affording its laboratories.

o    Creating a database application to follow on students’ research projects.

o    Present a full collaboration with TTO.