Technology Transfer Office Tasks

1.    TTO contacts research centers at University to obtain research projects that holds advanced technological methods that could be applied to develop the technological system.

2.    TTO contacts the industry sector and businessmen to inquire about their demands to develop their industries through utilizing new technology solutions, such solutions could be provided through existing researches or addressing researches for finding new ones.

3.    Contacting Industrial Institutions and Civil Societies and searching for investors to play the role of Angel investors, to build incubators for the available technology and the possibility of applying it.

4.    Establishing Ain Shams Research Foundation to support new technology projects in cooperation with University and include the following sections:


I.              Angel investors

II.             Ventures Capitalists

III.           Commercial investors

5. Suggest a model example for cooperation between the University and Industry sector with the help of IP office.

6.    Train team work to coordinate between the University and Businessmen to undertake the following tasks:                                                  

a)    Collecting new technology projects in a database application.

b)    Collecting demanded new technology solutions by industrial institutions.

c)    Hold meetings with researchers and businessmen to introduce Bureau mission and vision and its role in liaising between two parties.

d)    Hold symposiums to introduce Bureau mission and vision to researchers and students and meet with possible student candidates to present the Bureau in their faculties.