TTO Activities

·         Attend a conference about Clean Technology. Conference was organized by the African Bank for Development at the Four Seasons Hotel. Conference main theme was about Clean Technology.

·         Attend the “Clean Technology Transfer mechanism for Egypt” at the Semiramis Hotel.

·         Meet with the Heads of TICO from El Nile University, Menya University and Navy Academy.

·         Attend a workshop on “Technology Transfer from theory to appliance” at the Sofitel Hotel, organized by DAAD.

·         Under the Auspices of Dr. Ali Abdelaziz, Vice President for Postgraduates and Research and in cooperation with the British Institute a training session was held under the title “Researcher Connect”. 

·         Meet with the Director of ICB and the International Projects at the Spanish Embassy to discuss the possibility of holding mutual projects and how to benefit from the Spanish Expertise.  

·         Meeting with the Social Fund for Development officials and discuss the possibility of mutual cooperation through the ICB and TICO. It was agreed to hold a lecture about the grants presented in the field of Leadership and project Management.

·         Training on International publishing was held at the faculty of Girls.

·         A symposium about TTO was held at the third scientific conference of Ain Shams University.

·         A training program on how to compete to win a scholarship was held.

·         In cooperation with the Cabinet, preparing for a training program on leadership.