1-    Applicants should fill the registration application form in the IPO.

2-    The forms of IPO should be completed.

3-    Making attorney for IPO as a delegate to represent the patent application forms to the patent office.

4-    An updated form from the place of work for university staff members & researchers should be represented.

5-    An attendance certificate for students in different study grades should be represented.

6-    A copy of the national I.D. should be represented.

7-    The registration fees of patency 150 L.E. should be paid for IPO.

8-    The support services fees 400 L.E. for innovators from inside the university & 800 L.E. for innovators from outside the university should be paid in the university safe for TICO- bank account.

9-    The annual fees of IPO should be paid by the applicants at the end of each year.

10-The applicant should follow the university intellectual property policies.