On Monday, 16th of February 2015, Dr. Assem Aboelmaaty received an invitation from Dr. Reda Ammar, director of International cooperation in UCONN & the coordinator of the visit for reestablishing the first line of communication in the field of international communication. There was a great history of communication between ASU & UCONN together but in the last 10 years, the common projects & activities had been minimized due to the lack of funding from both sides, & the narrow communication channels between them. UCONN had prepared for discussing making a memorandum of understanding for reestablishing the cooperation between both sides. During the visit to UCONN, Dr. Assem Aboelmaaty had met the director of the training & the development institute in the world, prof. Roy Peter & Yoly, a prof. in the department of Chemical engineering & Molecular biology and prof. Bages wagelo Amerosius, the head of Environmental & civil engineering department.

And last but not least, Dr. Assem had met Dr. Brabhakar Sing, director of Fraunhover center of innovation in the energy field. During the visit, they run a discussion on how the cooperation would be on all levels for positive development to both sides. Dr. Assem had discussed two programs for post-graduates & university students about transferring the latest technology which has become a need in Egypt, besides starting common international projects & human resources development that is concerned with ASU improvement in education, research& technology