Egypt Knowledge Technology Alliances‏

The Academy of Scientific Research and Technology has launched "Knowledge and Technology Alliances" program with the aim of clustering partners working across the innovation chain towards tackling technological and societal challenges. 


Each alliance should be collaboration between Industry and Academia. The alliance configuration shall include at least 10 partners where industry is represented by at least 3 Egyptian corporate partners and Academia (universities, research institutions, NGOs and local authorities) shall be represented by at least 1 partner for each.


The allocated budget (funding) for each alliance is up to 10 million L.E. 

Industrial sector focus: - Deepen local manufacturing (DLM) - Petrochemicals - Pharmaceutics and vaccines - Biotechnology - Renewable Energy - Textiles - Food Industries - Water Desalination - Microelectronics.


Interested Entities can submit an intent letter to ASRT for requesting participation as "partner" in any of the above-mentioned sectors/alliances. Submitting an intent letter of a group of applicants "as an alliance" is a plus.


For more information about the content of the intent letter and the general framework, please see the announcement available atASRT website (Attached to this email).


Please note that the deadline for submission of the intent letters is October 21, 2015.


Should you need any clarifications or inquiries, please don't hesitate to contact us on